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After thousand subscribers appeare, advertisers themselves began to look for our account. The profile began to appear more often in the recommendations of people. How much do famous bloggers get on Instagram The income of an installer directly depends on his demand. By using effective promotional tools and techniques, you can generate passive income and still be attractive to your readers. Incomes of bloggers in Russia Page, author Account Features The price of a story Price per post Valeria Bukina sports blogger thousand rubles thousand rubles Soranges.

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Topics about children thousand rubles thousand rubles Anastasia Ivleeva Private life thousand rubles million rubles Sergei Shnurov Private life million rubles RUB. million In an interview, Ksenia Sobchak claime that advertisers pay her from thousand Ireland Mobile Number List to a million rubles per post. The price depends on the category of the promote product. The famous singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova, in conversations with reporters, frankly says that in six months she can earn about million rubles. Such statistics put Ksenia Borodina in second place, and Ksenia Sobchak in third. Last year, Ksenia Borodina earne million rubles from advertising on Instagram, and Sobchak earne a third less.

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As before, Olga Buzova’s advertising costs more than any other famous person in the CIS countries. The best services for monetization. VKTarget In order to earn and monetize your blog on Instagram, you nee to register with special services such as VK. Target allows you to monetize several social networks at the same time and has a good reputation; Socialtools provides simple B to B Database tasks with the placement of advertising posts and participation in affiliate programs; Snapfluence is a kind of affiliate program where you can promote the products offere for money. How many followers do you nee on Instagram to make money? If you plan to monetize your page with advertising posts.

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