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Staying with the Google ecosystem. We must even mention the possibilities of positioning your company in Google Maps. This is one of the tools offer by the American technology giant that allows you to search and find a company in the location you are interest in. And not only as a customer looking for services or stationary stores, but as an entrepreneur, you can use Maps to promote your business. PNy n.png With all this in mind, we can say without hesitation that positioning on Google maps has become a key element in the field of internet marketing for many industries.

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What is positioning in Google maps. The main role of this type of action is to increase the visibility of the local point on the map in the search results. Thanks to this, your potential customers have the opportunity to find your company and use Algeria Mobile Number List its services. Is positioning in maps effective? Of course! Is it different from standard page positioning. Yes So what are the most important advantages of being present on Google Maps and how to position your company? Visibility in search results A properly configure Company Profile in Google formerly Google My Business brings many advantages.

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One of them is the ability to display company data along with location in Google search results, as well as directly in Google Maps. Example? A customer looking for a jeweler in Poznan uses the Google search engine. By entering the phrase. Jeweler Poznan in this particular B to B Database case, right under the paid text campaign, he will see a huge box with a map and recommend addresses that, in theory, best suit his nes znbKg.png From this place, he can get acquaint with a number of the most important information, such as the exact location, contact telephone number, address, opening hours or the possibility of paying by card.

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