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You don’t have to do everything, your company doesn’t have to have a profile on all social networks. It is important that it is where potential customers are. That is why it is so important to analyze activities, improve them and exclude those that do not bring results. The same goes for tools. List in the article are only examples of programs and applications that can help you, but nothing prevents you from using others. Just test and choose those tools that spe up and improve things.

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Positioning of the Google My Business listing SEO in Google Maps Katarzyna. Chromate minutes of reading Positioning of the Google. My Business listing SEO in Google Maps. Contents Local SEO what is it. It is not enough to just add a company to Google Maps why is local positioning important. What should my Google My Business listing contain. How to Exit Mobile Phone Numbers be the first on Google Maps what is important? The correct name of the business card in Google Maps is essential Select the main category and subcategories of your activity Company description characters that are of great importance Complete the business address let customers find your business Attributes what are they and how to get them.


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Inform customers about news. Customer feback make a good impression. Make your business card more attractive by adding photos to it Services and products. Positioning a business card in Google Maps a summary. Do you know how consumers most B to B Database often search for local businesses. They enter the name of the product or service they are interest in in the search engine and often also add the location, for example hairdresser Wrocław. Of course, in the first place they will be interest in the most expos results a fragment of the map with company business cards.

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