When Smartphones Become Popular

Ecommerce Sales Booster In autumn together with Ideal. We organized a series of meetings for owners and representatives of online stores. E commerce Sales Booster is an event that took place. This year in Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw and Krakow. Hundreds of participants, hours of lectures and conversations that resulted in new collaborations and, above all. Support for more online stores What are we planning this year? Details will be coming soon. Awards Business Gazelles and Forbes Diamonds It is almost a pleasant tradition that we have received awards that reliably assess the development of our company for another year in a row.

To Big Business Means Big Goals

We are talking about Forbes Diamonds and Business Gazelles. Successes of the Advertising Department The year is marked by several significant successes in the life of the Advertising Department. In February, we won the Google Partner Premium badge of agencies in the country. We joined the Microsoft advertising program as the first Croatia Mobile Number List agency in Poland and we obtained a certificate. Another year, we also developed cooperation with Allegro, which resulted in a webinar for Sellers tips to create turbo effective ads. Integrations Integrations are almost our passion.


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Big Demands And With Them Must

Due to remote work it is much more difficult for us to meet the full team, but two occasions are sacred for the entire company Traffic Trends’ birthday party in the summer and the Christmas Eve meeting, also called the winter or New Year’s meeting depending on who and what wants to celebrate. In addition, individual departments meet regularly on B to B Database smaller integrations over pizza, bowling or billiards. Comet was a really good year If you want to be up to date with information about us conferences, webinars or other actions you can find all the information on our Traffic Trends profile on Facebook. However, if you are interested in the effects of our specialists’ work, please visit our.

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