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This method provides several advantages the ability to follow publications from almost any account if the second page is suddenly bann, the main profile will not suffer the minimum time spent to complete the task. To be crible, a new account must be fill with real photos and useful information. Users of hidden pages mainly pay a lot of attention to content design. Through other social networks Viewing a clos account through other social networks Another way to view photos is to use a connection to another social network.

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The Instagram service is multifunctional, so the developers tri to make sure that profiles can connect to sites such as Vkontakte and Facebook. If you have a hidden account and link it to your page on one of these social networks, all posts Jamaica Mobile Number List will be viewable. To do this, simply click on the link locat in the header of the page. After the transition, you can view the content. Through a friend’s profile You can view subscriptions thanks to friendly help. All you have to do is ask a friend to subscribe to the mysterious page and wait for the result.

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If the subscription is working, both users will be able to view hidden posts. This method is very simple and does not require any effort. Through likes to the photo View profile through likes The last way is to find a permanent liker. To do this, you ne to find a person who regularly comments on Profile X photos. The surfer will ne to subscribe obviously if B to B Database the page is open and proce to the registration form. After that, you can view all publications. Fake page One of the easiest, but at the same time tious ways, is to create a new Instagram page using someone else’s name or fictitious name to register.

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