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Make posts in a group Create fake accounts Filling out a questionnaire on fake accounts We go to groups to mutually add friends and thus add friends per account no more than per day for each Remove a group of dogs We buy subscribers on vktarget. If there is no money, then we earn jobs there. No more than people should come daily. We go to and analyze your audience. Every day we add people from the list as friends with your fake accounts. How to promote a group in VK quickly? If you want to quickly promote your community, you can’t do without ads.

In In Real Time Ease Maintenance

Remember, the better the product, the easier it is to advertise. If your content is boring, no amount of advertising will bring you subscribers. And even more activity. By the way, the ad itself will be on the same level with the content. Which Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List means it makes little sense. You also ne to understand that VKontakte advertising is worth buying. There are just people who for some reason use search engines. But buying ads on Yandex is useless. If you don’t want to promote any company’s community.

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Of Use And Responsive

So it makes sense when advertising to indicate a link to the group. But remember that this is not an end in itself, but only an intermiate stage. By the way, some people prefer to buy ads from bloggers. And this is a very controversial point, because the B to B Database conversion will be higher than the configur advertising. And this is done when you buy ads directly on the social network. Thus, you can set up ads only for the group of people that make up your potential audience target. This will greatly increase the conversion. This means that your money will be spent more efficiently. 

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