When Smartphones Become Popular

We can choose between maximizing the number of conversions or maximizing values, in which we can additionally set a target CPA or ROAS value. What do you ne to run Performance Max? Thanks to the variety of forms and places where ads are display, a variety of resources can be us in the new type of campaign text, graphics and even video. The more multimap we use, the more we increase the chances of Performance Max being effective. To run it, you ne headlines and ad text, images, company logo and video. If you don’t have one Google can create them automatically, bas on the upload images.

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An additional function is the ability to send signals regarding recipients remarketing lists or customer lists. If your goal is to advertise an online store, be sure to add a product fe on the basis of which product ads will be display. However, if you’re not selling products, you can easily run a campaign with just text, image, and video assets. Performance Max Jordan Mobile Number List campaign optimization Algorithms play an increasingly important role in Google Ads. They decide on targeting and bidding. On the one hand, this is a huge advantage of the new type of campaign it allows you to use.

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The potential of automation and machine learning. On the other hand, it makes directing this potential in the right direction a more difficult and responsible task that is worth entrusting to specialists working with Google algorithms on a daily basis. How B to B Database to effectively optimize a smart multi-channel campaign? We check it on many accounts of our clients and gather some practical tips. Give your campaign plenty of data Optimization of the Performance Max campaign is primarily aim at providing the algorithms with data for learning. This allows them to improve targeting and bidding performance.

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