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Simply put this specialist works with customers, promotes services and products, and most importantly, sells them. Sales managers work with both hot and cold buyers. Support Specialist Support Specialist The helpdesk employee helps the clients of the company and or the site solve their problems, but, unlike the call center operator himself, he conducts text correspondence via online chat or email. In addition, support specialists advise users. Copywriter Writing Specialist The copywriter writes texts to order, following the terms of reference issue by the company or client.

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Texts can be informative, sales, advertising, reviews, etc. Seller Manager in an online store The seller or manager of an online store is practically no different from a seller in a regular store. The main difference is that the online seller does not have real time contact with the buyer. Otherwise, he also advises on product lines and sells List of Mobile Phone Numbers them. Only warm clients are here. Internet Marketer An Internet marketer promotes the company’s goods and services, building the most optimal sales system that brings the greatest profit. The specialist determines the nees of potential customers by offering a service or product that meets this nee. Head of Sales Department.

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The head of the sales department manages employees, building a plan for the sale of services and goods. He also writes effective scenarios for the work of managers, monitors their work, compiles analytical tables and does everything else relate to the B to B Database sale of company assets. Online consultant These online specialists advise clients on all issues. Most of them work for websites that provide services or products, as well as in the entertainment industry. Personal assistant Personal online assistant Many executives and executives nee personal assistants. Basically, such assistants are responsible for organizing business and meetings, solving problems that arise, answering calls and messages. The specific list of tasks depends on the manager, his field of activity and position.

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