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For a deeper understanding, you can take a look at a good landing page study it and analyze what goals the developer fac and how he implement them. Landing Page Example To create something like this, it is important to work through all the stages of website development. If you jump straight into design without any research and preparation, nothing will come of it and you will end up thinking that website development is not for me. Let’s go through each step and see what you get. Stage Fill out the brief A brief is a document in which the client answers basic questions about the company, product or service, clients.

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As a rule the development of any site always begins with a brief. Filling out such a document will allow us to collect all the information in one file and better understand what to focus on on the future site. Here is a typical client brief Short site example Try to complete each element in detail. This will surely help in landing page design. Stage Analyze Oman Mobile Number List competitors One of the main steps that will allow you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Bas on this, it will be possible Think about what blocks can be add to the site. If there is no corporate color, you can choose it by examining competitors.

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See how other companies hook customers. You can find competitors through Google or Yandex. If you have been in the offline industry for a long time, you should know your competitors find their sites and see what they are like. Another way is to B to B Database find competitors by keywords. They can be view in Yandex. Word stat or through the Google Keyword Planner. Consider, for example, a service from Yandex Follow the link and enter the require request. For example, imagine that you have a company selling.

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