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It also allows the customer to write reviews online reviews on. Google and position the company’s business card in searches customer reviews about the online store Reviews of stores Due to the importance of other users’ opinions and their impact on consumer decisions, there are problems with falsifying opinions about online stores in Poland and elsewhere. This problem is to be address by the recently announc EU directive Directive EU, which requires entrepreneurs who allow customers to post reviews to prove whether and how they verify that they come from real consumers those who have us or purchas the product.

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How to check the cribility of an opinion. The Captain rating is also adapt to these requirements, thanks to which you can avoid penalties announc by the EU. Even if you are a reliable entrepreneur with professional service, implementing such Senegal Mobile Number List verification in your company will be mandatory. Entrepreneurship and management, Wydawnictwo SAN, Volume XVII, Issue, Part I Adamczyk. The use of the Internet in marketing communication in the segment of young consumers, “Marketing i Rynek Dryl T Product consumer trust in the product brand on the consumer market, “Marketing i Rynek Filieri R. What makes an online consumer review trustworthy.

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Annals of Tourist Researchp. Rate this article The average rating of this post is. PopularWhy is branding important to your business? Definition, brand image and customer relations Casper Bnarz minutes of reading Why is branding important to B to B Database your business? Definition, brand image and customer relations Contents What is a brand the beginnings of brand building What exactly is branding? No, it’s not just a logo Omnipresence of brands on the market An Austrian psychologist, Paul Watzlawick, once said that it is impossible not to communicate, and thus it is impossible not to have an image.

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