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See the profile of Koton Kicia café in the Rating. Captain opinion catalogue Most customers leave reviews with text, so the coffee shop should ensure that each new review receives a response, regardless of its tone. It is worth adding that guests are happy to take pictures of cats and publish them in reviews, which is a great advertisement for this place. The entire report is available here https reviewsaudit com pl results koton kocia kawiarnia wroclaw. Cat Cafe Customers recommend the cat cafe for its friendly service, cakes, which are a great asset of this place and of course cute cats.

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There are also books about cats on site, as well as board games, which also makes the stay very pleasant. In addition, jazz music plays pleasantly in the premises, and the whole decor and cozy atmosphere make you feel at home. See the Kot Cafe profile in Benin Mobile Number List the Rating Captain directory Moving on to the analysis of opinions, it is worth noting that the rating of the cafe is constantly growing. Half of the reviews have no content, so it’s a good idea to encourage guests to leave a few sentences of review. It is worth remembering that potential customers read longer reviews because they provide the most information.

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They are also a source of knowlge about the expectations of guests for the company itself. That is why every opinion should be answer, thanks to which a relationship with customers who know that their opinion really matters. The entire report is B to B Database available here https reviewsaudit com pl results kot cafe wroclaw. Parrot Coffee pl Bema Very good coffee and delicious desserts await the guests of the cafe at Plac Bema, and very nice and smiling staff. In addition, you can eat a delicious breakfast here and drink freshly squeez juice.

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