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 If you’re not sure where to start measuring. We’re happy Dog helping a man use a measuring tape  to lend a helping hand (or paw) with this list of commonly-used metrics. Animated gif of aaverage time on page this is like measuring how long someone browses in a store—it indicates how engaging your content is. of visitors who land on your page and leave without interacting further. A high bounce rate might mean your page isn’t resonating with your audience or isn’t what they expected.


 Form abandonment rate how

Many people start filling out a form but  Sweden Phone Number Data don’t finish it? It helps identify issues in the form itself—maybe it’s too intrusive Dog helping a man use a measuring tape  or not user-friendly. Conversion rate this measures the percentage of visitorslanding page’s effectiveness. Click-through rate it measures how many visitors clicked on a call to action or a link on your landing page. High ctr indicates compelling content or offers. Page views/unique page views this tracks how many times your landing page was viewed.

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 Unique views filter out multiple

Views by the same user. Offering a clearer  Mexico Phone Number List picture of your audience size. Lead generation metrics for pages with a goal of gathering leads. Tracking the number and quality of leads generated is crucial. It shows not just how many people are interested. But how many are potential customers. Traffic sources understanding where your visitors are coming from (social media. Email links. Organic search. Etc.) can help you tailor your content and strategies to your audience’s preferences and behaviors. Landing page testing examples you’re probably familiar with the saying.

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