Brand Marketing Is One Way

Skills and knowlge Personal qualities Know the characteristics. Of social networks and browse them well. Understanding marketing what is the target audience, competitive advantages, brand. Focus on marketing metrics reach, engagement, conversion, CPA, KPI, etc. Speak and write correctly. Knowlge of programs and graphic itors Photoshop. Ability to write texts and it photos. Know how to personalize social mia ads. Own methods for increasing the reach of posts, increasing audience engagement. Creative thinking. Ability to work in multitasking mode. Analytical skills Perseverance and attention. The ability to understand other people and see the world through their eyes. Have empathy. Sociability. Ability to resolve conflict situations.

To Achieve This Brand Marketing

Wide perspective Sense of humor. Organization skills. SMM basics trends, audiences, platforms The course was prepar by Tomsk State University, it is read by lecturers of the Department of Social Sciences and PhDs in Philosophy. Training takes place in a convenient mode hours a week for a month. The course will be useful for digital Macedonia Mobile Number List marketers and beginners in the SMM profession. You will learn evaluate and use trends to promote the product understand the possibilities and tools of an SMM specialist determine the characteristics of the public in various social networks work with segmentation and targeting in social networks.

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Strategy Is In Other Words Brand

In the course you will find hours of theory, materials for further study and tests to consolidate knowlge. Upon completion of training a certificate of completion of the course. No SMM specialist from scratch Online course Training ground SkillBox online university is a member of Skolkovo. Suitable for The course is design for beginners. Course duration B to B Database months. Certificate or diploma yes. Occupation no Course fee, rubles rubles for the entire course of study. Possible installment payment without down payment. online course in smm Salary of an SMM specialist from, rubles per month What you will learn Promote your business on social mia.

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