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You can repeat the operations perform after the teacher. One will confirm the correctness of the actions. Faculty of C development Geek Brains rub course from month Start October, Duration months, lessons per week Format online webinars are held, dz is check, there is a chat of cadets Features the official school of Mail ru Group. They teach professions up to the intermiate level and guarantee employment. C Payroll and HR Management CORP from C Training Center No. Course duration videos up to hours. Training format video lessons. The listener can watch the videos he wants at any time. No exams or practice Certificate not issu.

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The main topics of the course maintenance of black and white lists of candidates conducting interviews in electronic format selection and training of personnel in C ZUP KORP difference C ZUP KORP from C ZUP PROF personnel assessment in C ZUP KORP maintain employee profiles labor protection and certification of workplaces. Advantages Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List detail presentation of complex topics the ability to view the desir topics at any convenient time. Flaws lack of feback from the teacher no student certification. Secrets and subtleties of work in C ZUP from C Training Center No. Duration videos up to minutes.

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Training format video lessons Certificate not issu. Lesson Topics forms for the FSS from taking into account non working days. Calculating the average wage accounting for payments. To former employees changes in the calculation of personal income B to B Database tax. Taking into account bonuses when calculating average earnings choice of method of maintaining a work book. Advantages topical issues are consider taking into account changes in the current legislation. Cons if there are questions on topics, there is no one to ask them. C ERP new in version. From C Training Center No. Duration of training videos up to minutes.

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