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If you want to succe in other social networks, study the site avi. This portal not only helps to master the theory of communication and promotion in online communities, but also gives a lot of practical advice. Promotion of the Vkontakte group how to promote and improve AUTHOR fast v prodigi READING min VIEWS PUBLISH. Content How Not to Promote a Community Step. Recruiting the first subscribers. Free way Spy games creating fake accounts Instructions for filling out accounts. Step Free promotion What does the paid method do here? Where to find lists of target audience accounts.

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The danger of free promotion Checklist for promoting a group in contact How to promote a group in VK quickly? Who nes the promotion of the Vkontakte group and why? How to promote a group in VK for free? How Not to Promote a Community The biggest mistake people make is buying followers. Of course, everyone is looking for ways to quickly Exit Mobile Phone Numbers promote the group. But in, this scheme does not work. Also, it was deprecat years ago. That is, from the moment search engines and social networks began to measure activity. Now it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have.

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Someone is counting on the psychological effect, but it’s not worth it. Another way to leave your group is through mutual membership. They were attract by the fact that with their help you can relax for free. But let’s be realistic, how long will you like it and leave comments to another person? And at, etc.? They will do the same. As a result, the number B to B Database of subscribers will increase, but the business will remain at the same level. And we will arrive just like last time. Only now you don’t have to spend money, but there is plenty of time. Step Recruiting the first subscribers. Free way The first subscribers when promoting a group in VK step by step independently for free The fun begins. 

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