Classify items that complement each

The possibilities are endless here. Food and beverages: These are a natural attraction. For bidders – items not only for themselves. But for the whole family too. Craft beer collection, chocolate hampers, wine. Racks, and other such items that are. Prices at silent auctionsand hence are a big draw. Other than these possibilities, seasonal. Goods sell very well at silent auctions. For example, gift items are a big draw at. Christmas and Thanksgiving while vacation packages at affordable rates are a top draw in summer. Decide what you put up at silent auctionsbased on the time of the year too for maximum returns.

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It is a wonderful opportunity for the winning bidders to attend an event – games, theatre, movie, ballets, concerts, and more – at a bargain price DB to Data Classify items that complement each and hence the demand for these tickets. Sports gear: This category is another great favorite at silent auctions.Items that face frantic and sustained bidding are camping sets, golf clubs, fishing tackle sets, and anything else that takes people outdoors for some fun and excitement. The call of the wild with gear bought at bargain rates is usually very difficult to resist. Local bargains: Another high-demand segment, similar to event tickets is local bargains. These include gift cards and discount coupons at restaurants, rebates in services like Internet connectivity and conference halls.

Time management skills

Club compatible items: Classify items that complement each other in one large basket as it will lead to higher bids, more than what each item would have brought individually. It is a B to B Database winning situation for both the bidder who gets more of the wanted Classify items that complement each goodies and you, for earning more for a bunch of items clubbed together. This is like the old saying that the total is more than the sum of the components. Admission tickets: Entry tickets to well-known events are generally. Lappedup fast by bidders at. Silent auctions.Even if the tickets are sold. Below their face value you still make.  A lot of money as they are sponsored by donors.

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