The principle of operation of the Polish Tourist

The principle of operation of the Polish Tourist you will return to the unemployment list if pregnancy prevents you from performing your job duties – then the employment office is oblig to offer you another internship. However, in the event of pregnancy, a woman on probation from the employment office is not entitl to maternity benefit. 4. Internship from the employment office and vacation and sick leave Okay, so you won’t give up your internship, but you would like to rest a bit. But are you entitl to leave during your internship ? Absolutely (although it is not a normal employee leave.

 The same stipend The principle of operation

The amount of leave during an internship from the employment office is 2 days off for every 30 calendar days . This is paid DB to Data leave for which you are entitl to as for a normal working day. But this does not mean that you have to take time off every month – you can “save” this time and, for example, take 6 days of leave after 3 months of work (in consultation with the employer, of course). In addition, people who got an internship from the employment office can work a maximum of 8 hours a day and are guarante Saturdays and Sundays off. As an intern, you can also take sick leave.

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In such a case, you must notify both the employer and the district labor office. The office should be notifi within a maximum of 2 days from the date of issuance of the L4. However, you have a maximum of 7 days to deliver the certificate in physical form. Also read our guides: How long can you be on sick leave in a year? i Quitting work and caring for a parent – what does it look like? 5. Internship from the employment office – is it worth it? An internship B to B Database with an employment office has many advantages. First of all, getting an internship is easier than getting a job or even a part-time job . The company does not have to pay for such an employee.

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