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You can direct others there by posting a link to your business listing in Google Maps on your business website. The profile is not only to serve the customer as navigation to the location where your company is locat, the business card is design to convince the customer that it is your company that is worth choosing. Your professionalism influences positive Google reviews. Of course, no company will gain positive reviews if it does not meet the requirements of its customers. Therefore, as soon as possible, identify what in your company nes immiate improvement. Take care of the quality of your goods and services. Provide buyers with a great service.

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Surprise them by offering more than your competitors. Got negative reviews on Google Maps? react! Don’t be outrag. Don’t take feback from dissatisfi customers personally. Do not deny. Apologize for the inconvenience, identify the difficulty they Panama Mobile Number List encounter and offer a solution. It’s the easiest way to change the consumer’s mind about your company. And as a result, get him to change the rating from star to a more favorable comment. Put all of the above tips into practice. With the Rating Captain app it will be much easier than you imagine. Why are customer reviews about your business so important to your business.

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Patricia Lisowska minutes of reading Why are customer reviews about your business so important to your business? Contents Why is it worth collecting customer opinions about the company? How do company reviews affect potential B to B Database customers? How to react to negative feback? Lost in the maze of marketing messages, we all reach for customer recommendations before we make a purchasing decision. It is on the Internet that we look for social proof confirmation of the accuracy of our choices. We are more likely to take recommendations from people who are similar to us than from characters creat for advertising purposes.

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