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Otter is an AI-driven technology created to record and summarize audio meetings.

 on the idea that, although speech is a rich medium of communication, its potential is still unfulfilled without the appropriate instruments to record and analyze it.

Digging deeper, an otter marvels at modern technology. It delivers real-time transcription, almost instantly converting spoken speech into printed text.

Otter makes sure these transcripts are organized, making them easy to read and understand, so it’s not just about transcription.

evice that, in addition to recording every word said in a meeting, also highlights important ideas, assigns tasks, and even allows comments to be added – all in real time.

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Otter’s automatic meeting notes reviews are a special feature. Otter can automatically attend, record and transcribe meetings on websites such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet by connecting them to your Google or Microsoft calendar.

This ensures that no detail – no matter how small – is overlooked. And Otter’s automatic Slide Capture comes to the rescue for those insightful moments in meetings.

Otter records and includes any shared slides into the meeting notes so

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attendees have a complete picture of the conversation.

But it’s Otter’s Live Summary feature that really makes it stand out. Don’t worry if you miss some of the meetings.

Otter creates B2B Database a summary in real time so that users can grab needed material without reading the entire transcript.

And after the meeting? Otter sends this summary via email to ensure that the most important points are always available to you.

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