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Is it too late to start? Blogging and updates on Instagram. Account name username. Profile avatar. Profile title. Subscriptions and Subscriptions. Contacts Blog photo stream. Swift Hashtag Search on Instagram. Featured section on Instagram Story Real stories They live IGTV. Post like Like it. Publication frequency. Seat cover Change Gibea Active chat. Application stories. Edit photos with apps and presets. A set of subscribers. Monetize your blog. Conclusion What you will learn Create a profile header Create a blog feed Write messages Use hashtags correctly stories to shoot Live Stream Working with IGTV Photo editing for publications.

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Use givas chat, activity liketime Who runs the course Olesya Rozhkova Marketing specialist with over years of experience Corporate blogger Member of the CIS Speakers Association Managed PR campaigns for international brands Toshiba, Plantronics, Eaton, etc. Start in SMM from Netology Course duration lessons. hours of theory hours of practice. Level for beginners. Training format video tutorials + webinar + text materials + tests + practical tasks Nigeria Mobile Number List communication in a closed Telegram chat. Review in the Telegram chat of the course. With certificate Training program Welcome to the Getting Started in SMM course. Student’s personal account. How to study online.

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Working with Google services Introductory lesson to the course Start in SMM. SMM manager business promotion in social networks. Targeted advertising drive traffic from social networks. Influencer marketing working with bloggers and influencers. Community management Effective community management. Messenger marketing promotion in messengers Final lesson. How beginners develop in the SMM field. What you will learn and what you will learn The main tasks of an SMM specialist What are the specializations in SMM How to develop in the profession how to become a department or project manager Work in SMM for you Course Experts Yulia Lazareva Head of Entertainment Agencies Department VKontakte Ilya Borodin director of strategic development.

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