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Building a second brain goal: buy the course screenshot of landing page for building a second brain foundation image courtesy of building a g a second brain course Second brain foundation the buildin  landing page takes you on a journey: it presents the problem (dwindling attention spans proof (glowing testimonials). But where this landing page really shines is in its frictionless payment process. Takeaway: simplify the payment process rather than lead users through a series of pages to reach payment.


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The process effortless: payment is possible Vietnam Phone Number Data directly from the landing page. Either through a form or by the click of a button via link or google pay. One of the keys to a good landing page is to make conversion as easy and frictionless as possible. A pain-free process will help get users across the finish line. And get them onto your course. 6. How to write a novel goal: buy the course screenshot of landing page for reedsy how to write a novel course image courtesy of reedsy the how to write a novel course hits a lot of the points on our great landing page list.

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What to expect. Gives all the facts that Peru Phone Number List prospective students need to know. And cleans up any queries with a comprehensive faq. Bonus points for the call to action button literally glowing. Takeaway: video can set your landing page apart the copy on your page is incredibly important. But you should also consider adding multimedia elements to really elevate your landing page. The how to write a novel page features multiple videos. Introducing the course host tom and summarizing the course prospectus. It’s a simple.


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