Drink One to Two Liters of Water Every Day

The benefits of these fruits are manifold.

Water is the source of life.

The human body is made up of 60 percent water.

Dehydration causes laziness, slowness and inability to focus and causes headaches.

Our body needs water to distribute nutrients through blood vessels to body organs, including the brain.

But many of us are dehydrated but don’t realize it. And don’t do anything without a bottle of water!

Social Nutrition Management Many people complain that they tend to overeat when

They are with friends or family gatherings.

Yes it’s true, so that it’s hard to stop Database when you eat a lot.

However, it is this social pressure that can help us manage our nutrition optimally including:

1. Share a meal with others
Life in the city has destroyed the basic community bonds that usually exist in villages where we are used to eating at neighbors’ houses or we invite neighbors to come and eat at our houses spontaneously.

Although sometimes he did not have enough food for himself, but if someone came near his door, he would invite that person to sit and eat with him.

I will accept an invitation even if I am only invited to a meal of leg of lamb, and I will accept a gift even if it is only an arm or a leg of sheep.

He has been seen many times eating with the poor with little food


One should never worry that food is scarce.

There is a story narrated by Aishah RA:

The Prophet SAW was eating with his six companions B to B Database when a Bedouin Arab came and ate two mouthfuls of the food. The Messenger of Allah said, “if he mentions the name of Allah, it will surely be sufficient for you all”

It is a reminder of the concept of blessing and productivity.

We need to revive the idea of ​​inviting barakah to our food by inviting others to eat with us.

But it requires a change in our perception of invitation including:

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