Drive Paid Traffic To Your Lazada Store

You can create a paid ad campaign that asks users to go to your store and follow your store. Just set a landing page in your ad to your store and track progress.

4. Run Exclusive See-Only Promotions For Followers (and let non-followers know about them)

Providing discounts and vouchers that are only available exclusively to fans gives you the opportunity to encourage people to follow your Lazada business page. 

Lazada gives you the option to create a new voucher. Therefore, you can encourage people to follow your business page in exchange for a voucher code. 

Find winning products. Spy on competitors. Project the profitability of your eComm store.

 Create a Participate Prize Voucher

Displaying or displaying attractively Latest Mailing Database priced, high-quality products may be enough to convince buyers to make a purchase.

But that’s not always enough to make shoppers want to follow your Lazada store. For that effort, you need an extra boost of motivation.

What better way to do this than to offer a “Join Giveaway” voucher. The thought of saving extra cash from shopping makes shoppers more eager to make a purchase.

So after seeing the Follow Rewards, you can guarantee that not only will the buyer accept the offer, he will also be more likely to purchase the product after following your store.

To create a Follow Prize, simply login to Lazada Seller Center, go to Promotions, then click Seller Voucher.

Click Create New Voucher.

Enter all the required details and make sure the voucher is set to Shop Follower. Submit the form.

6. Proactively Send Follow Invites On Lazada Chat

Latest Mailing Database

When a buyer sends you an inquiry via Lazada Chat, you’ll notice that there’s a notification above the chat bubble if the buyer hasn’t followed you. If so, you will have the option to send Follow Invites through that chat.

Just click on Ask to Follow as illustrated in the image above and then a follow invite will be sent through that conversation. Shoppers can simply click the Follow button instead of going directly to your store to follow.

Sometimes, even after a buyer becomes a consistent customer, he or she still forgets to follow your store. One, he might B to B Database not be familiar with it. Second, he may be too excited to buy a product that never crossed his mind after your shop.

One way to encourage shoppers to follow your store without being too demanding is to use this method.

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