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You can also deploy fully customizd pages built in Powell Intranet’s core engine. Information and content overload Being able to have multiple profiles contribute to the intranet is a great way to keep the intranet fresh and up to date. But it can also lead to an information overload. And without control, things can quickly spiral out of control. This “info obsession” is another reason why your intranet project might fail . A good intranet makes managing content and knowldge easy.

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Powell Intranet leverages capabilities to control content creation. Contributors can draft and preview content, track versions and Latest Mailing Database history, schdule content, and integrate approvals. Doesn’t meet modern business challenges A good intranet improves communication, a great intranet goes even further. Many intranets fail because they are too simple, they only solve problems for one or two departments. A complete intranet solution like Powell Intranet helps every department solve real business challenges.

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For example Onboarding remote workers for HR Management of RFPs for sales teams Use of employees as brand ambassadors for B To B Database marketing Promotion of innovation for R&D Not responsive or communicative What is the main reason for intranet failures? Intranets fail if employees don’t use them. It’s very simple: The intranet is intendd as a space for employees. If they don’t use it, it hasn’t done its job. In the past, intranets were designd for top-down internal communication.

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