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Placing them in the calendar will allow you to better manage your time and organize your daily tasks precisely. 5. Mailtrack Have you ever sent an important email and not even receive a reply a few days later? Yes, of course. Has it been read and ignore? Someone forgot about him? Or maybe for some reason it didn’t open at all? Mailtrack will let you know and when not, and take appropriate action base on that. mailtrack 6. FullContact FullContact provides details about the person from whom you receive the message: their social meia profiles, the company they work for, the position they hold, as well as their recent tweets.

Collecting basic statistics from

You can create tags, notes, and other custom fields with information about individuals, so all the relevant data you nee to build a good relationship with your contacts is at your fingertips. fullcontact2 Control Internet monitoring Better inbox management Latest Mailing Database will not only save you time and allow you to take better action, but it will also make it easier to control reports and e-mail notifications relate to Internet monitoring. At Brand24, you can receive via e-mail: notifications about new mentions, receive at the frequency you choose; daily and/or weekly e-mail reports , the past period and the most important mentions; storm alerts , i.e. notifications receive when there is a significant change in the number of mentions or generate reach in your project.

Latest Mailing Database

Notice the potential of video

Thanks to them you will always reacTake part in a nationwide video marketing survey Brand24Brand24February 22, 2016 ・ 2 min read B to B Database Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn 2015 was another year referre to as the year of video. This trend is indee very strong, but has it become widespread yet? Have Polish companies marketing ? Is video marketing a common trend? People create trends.

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