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Goals and stages of testing Each test is perform for a specific purpose, not just to test the overall performance of the application. In general, you ne to make sure that it works correctly in any or certain circumstances and meets the stat requirements, as well as user expectations. These will be the goals of the experiments. Testing steps include Analysis of the software to be test. Studying product requirements and user expectations. Development of test script and checkpoint. At this stage, it is important to fix how quality control will be carri out and what indicators determine it. Development of test documentation. Prototype test optional.

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Testing process Processing of test results. Bug reports. Refinement bas on test results. Verification test. Test formalization error reporting, reports. you ne to develop a test plan a document describing all the work and topics of the tests, strategies Chile Mobile Number List and criteria for starting and ending tests. The test plan answers the following questions what nes to be test. What is actually being test. There is an IEEE standard that defines a set of documents to be us in each step of the test. In general, familiarity with the IEEE Software Life Cycle and the set of standards will be helpful for working in depth with the software.

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Test design At this stage, test scripts are develop and implement in accordance with previously establish criteria. Two main questions are solv “WHAT to test and HOW?” Determination of ranges, analysis of limit values, causal relationships all this is B to B Database includ in this step. By understanding the characteristics of a particular method, it is possible to build a test scenario, combining and obtaining broader and more accurate results. How? The following books will help you improve the basics of testing and understand the core concepts Software Testing.

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