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People who have already bought something from you, do the same for your sellers. So ask for feback after every purchase. They will always benefit you. Why will you increase sales so much? Influence of opinions on sales in the store Okay, but does that mean you can stop collecting feback at some point? Once each of your products has garner a fair amount of reviews, it might be a better idea to stop posting new comments? Don’t go this way. Opinion management is manageable. Social proof can work indefinitely. People trust other people, not stores.

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Therefore customer reviews will have a good influence on purchasing decisions made by subsequent buyers. A greater number of opinions also indicates a considerable interest in a given product. This immiately makes the Internet user want it more. Of course, in the first place, it is worth getting recommendations under products Changsha Mobile Phone Number List without reviews. The report The Value of Online Customer Reviews indicates that just reviews increase the interest in cheaper goods by. The increase in sales with expensive products was even greater. It amount to as much as. You must admit that this is quite an impressive result, right? Rate this article.

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