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It is the ability to generate and apply knowlge in many different contexts. To solve specific problems in new ways. One of these contexts is building a positive brand image. In turn, the key competences of the creative class include storytelling, the ability to create and develop an engaging narrative story. In this way, we can take care of our image and use various tools such as PR to build a positive image of our brand; take care of customer relations or lay solid strategic foundations before designing a website storytelling builds brand image.

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In short, the point is to communicate in such a way as to increase the recognition of our company while building the brand image. Such a path of action will also strengthen the position on the market. The strategic communication process Lebanon Mobile Number List should take place before the marketing plan, us in social mia, so that as I always say everything is consistent. We ne to know what and why we have to constantly say, after all, that’s what marketing is all about, and not as many people mistakenly think saying something different every time. Storytelling creating the company’s image through stories.

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The story can be describ in David Boje’s words as oral or written and in my opinion also visual aut a message that engages people to interpret the past or accumulat experience. And the very concept of storytelling has been around for as long as man, and we can see its various forms in myths, legends and religions around the world. I’ll use the words B to B Database of Robert McKee and Arch Woodside again The story not only allows you to convey a large amount of information, but also evokes emotions and energizes the listener. Persuasion through stories is difficult. Any intelligent person can prepare a list of rational arguments.

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