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Guarante help at work Skill Factory graduates work for. Sberbank, Rambler, Cisco, Home Crit Bank, Rostelecom, Softline, Skyeng, Alfa Bank, Nvidia, MegaFon, OZON, MTS, Henkel. Technical knowlge of the process What to master? In addition to understanding the testing process, basic IT knowlge is also requir. Without understanding how the application interacts with the server and the environment, it is impossible to completely disassemble the logic of its work. Which means that it will not be possible to conduct a qualitative test.

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Operating System Fundamentals Understand the specifics of desktop, server. And mobile operating systems. It is also worth looking at configuring the main operating systems and working with the command line. The command line is ne Georgia Mobile Number List for a backend tester it’s like. A small door to the world of a whole direction. At the beginning of the path, it will be enough to be able to work with folders, files create, delete, move, and so on. Database Basics SQL Knowlge of SQL at the level of simple queries will allow you to compare expect and actual results during the test.

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It is not necessary to buy special literature there are enough materials. On this topic in the public domain, there are even free introductory courses, and puzzles of any level are easy to find. The benefits of paid content are only in graduation certification. Fundamentals of HTML and CSS. If you know, that you can create a simple one page website in a notebook B to B Database that’s fine. It is useful for a tester to understand how web pages are organiz. This will help you quickly isolate errors and it code on the client side. Browser device and developer console. Find out what browsers you use for testing and what additional tools are available to them.

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