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You can work remotely. From anywhere in the world. You will see the product from all sides. You can move to another location. Programmer. OR Commercial Director Why you should NOT look for a job as a software tester? Nobody likes testers. Mostly programmers. Find their mistakes! Pretty boring job. Have you seen Groundhog Day? Like. Testers are often referr to as renegades. After all, no one is looking for mistakes! The job of a tester is similar to that of a spy. He is a fighter of the invisible front. Mals are issu less often. There is often overtime. And they don’t always pay.

Whose Expectations Were Not Met

Huge responsibility. Program not working. Where did the tester look? cons of being a tester Well, think to yourself that for you it will end in the end. Cons or pros? Upcoming groups Crowdtesting Platforms – “Nursery for the Tester” So, as I wrote above Denmark Cell Phone Number List you can get initial experience as a tester without having experience in the so call crowd testing platforms. What are crowd testing platforms? This is a kind of freelance exchange. On the one hand, they are populat by buyers who ne to test something. On the other hand, there are software testing specialists.

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Work on almost all platforms for crowd testing is built on the same principle. There is some introductory training. Next comes the entrance test. I hope you are suitable for real projects. You can start pumping up your rating, because your B to B Database salary” will depend on it. And income is usually calculat in English tugriks. In principle, not bad. But it’s important to know. On most crowd testing platforms, payment is ONLY for bugs found! Also, you should catch these bugs earlier than other testers. If you’re late or can’t find, well no legs, no cartoons Yes, remember.

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