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Therefore, it is recommend to create images that will have indents on all sides in the center. And even easier create the main image like this x pixels. Then create a simple white background by placing the image on a white canvas in the x itor. Group cover VKontakte group cover This can be done in any program, including the standard Paint in Windows. You can also add some of your logos to the background in light colors so they don’t look boring. Or add other graphics. Recently, VKontakte developers have offer communities the opportunity to publish live covers.

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These are short videos that can change each other at a certain time. In total, up to videos are available for download. In the live background, you can use both video and images. There are different cover designs available video, images and USA Phone Number List resizable images. In this case, the avatar thumbnail for the VK group must be download separately. To add a cover Click the Manage Groups button on the right Select the Settings button Find the line Community Cover among the articles here Community cover VKontakte Download Community cover download Set the cover for the group.

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Article cover dimensions The image size for the article cover is pixels. Part of the image will hide the Read button and the title text! Article cover size Promo post with a button. Size by Advertising post with button Advertising post with button An B to B Database advertising post with a button is the same fragment. There is an opinion that more and more people go to promotional posts using a button. In my personal experience, this hasn’t work. Much better, which is times more effective than a regular promotional post without a snippet and a button. Story Sizes Photo size pixels. 

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