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Trends with the title of Business Gazelle Traffic Trends with the title of Business Gazelle Want to work with Traffic Trends? Write to us Traffic Trends is Microsoft’s partner for Microsoft Advertising Bing Ads Advertising campaigns | minutes of reading Traffic Trends is Microsoft’s partner for Microsoft Advertising Bing Ads BING ADS IN POLAND We are pleas to announce that we were one of the first Polish companies to sign an agreement with Microsoft, which from the beginning of February allows us to launch advertising campaigns in Poland in the Microsoft Advertising.

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Bing Ads system From the beginning of Traffic Trends’ existence, we want to provide our clients with a very precise range of services that enable effective building of online sales. That is why we were one of the first to run Google Shopping campaigns or Allegro Ads campaigns, and today we propose running Bing Ads Microsoft Advertising Latvia Mobile Number List campaigns and displaying our ads in Poland What is Microsoft Advertising Bing Ads ? It is a very extensive advertising system, which can be compar to the Google Ads system. Currently, it is in the very early phase of its implementation on the Polish market, so not all its functions are available with us yet.

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At the beginning, we focus on the implementation of formats that are well known from Google Ads text ads on Bing search engine product advertising in the Bing search engine wSDMo.png What can Bing Ads give you? It is obvious that the Bing search engine is much less popular than Google in Poland. For organic traffic, Bing has to market share. At the B to B Database same time, it has a much higher conversion rate, which may indicate, for example, “cleaner” traffic, with fewer bots and fake-clicks. That’s why – as confirm by the first campaign tests we conduct – you can expect, compar to Google Ads significantly lower advertising expenditures higher conversion rate less competition.

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