Without Depleting Their Budget

Certificate Teaching format the material is present in the form of a theory of self study. Training Program Design for entrepreneurs looking for a contextual advertising specialist. The course will help you understand what tasks can be delegat, what is includ in the campaign, what to look for when choosing an employee. What are you learning Features of the choice of a specialist. Definition and selection of KPIs. Principles of building mutually beneficial cooperation. Advantages Real information on the topic. Simple presentation without complicat terms. Flaws Nobody. Profession Manager of contextual advertising IMBA RUB.

Of Setting Up Contextual Advertising

Well from month Start anytime, duration months, hours of theory per week homework and internship on Ingate projects Format lectures are record, dz is check, online master classes are held, there is a general chat with students and experts Features Belize Mobile Number List help in finding a job. Access to the course forever. University from a major agency Ingate Course on imba ru. Internet advertising in YAN level zero by Udemy Duration lessons, the vision will last hour minutes. Certificate n. Learning format watching video without talking to the teacher. Training program The purpose of the course is to help a beginner to independently understand the creation and configuration of advertising in YAN Yandex Advertising Network.

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What Are You Learning Principles

Suitable for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to advertise a product or service in Yandex Direct without involving a specialist. In addition, the material will be useful to those who want to try their hand at creating contextual advertising for B to B Database making money. What knowlge and skills will you gain Registration and setting up an advertising account. Drafting of advertisements. Working with keywords and the Yandex. Wordstat service. Professionals Mini course for beginners without water and difficult conditions. Detail and clear presentation of information.

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