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You can collect opinions in various ways, but in the context of the new regulations. It is important that it is possible to verify whether they come from real customers. One of the methods also indicated by the President of UOKiK is sending customers an individual link that allows them to post opinions. You can also make it possible to add a rating only to logged in users. Another option may be to require you to enter your order or booking number when adding a review. However, it is important that the control methods do not make it difficult to issue an opinion.

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It is therefore unacceptable to manipulate reviews displaying only positive reviews and claiming that they come from real customers, even though these reviews have not been verified. How to inform about the verification process. Of course, clear UK Mobile Number List information is also required when publishing opinions under the Directive. Testimonials come from customers who have used or purchased the product. Opinions are verified and published in accordance with the regulations of the website. When providing access to consumer reviews, you must indicate how reviews are processed.

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In addition to the description of the method of verifying the authenticity of the opinion, the following should be indicated, among others whether all reviews are published both positive and negative, how their average is calculated, whether the rating is influenced by sponsored reviews. You can include a description of the process of reviewing and B to B Database processing opinions, for example, in the site’s regulations, and in the message under the opinions, place a visible link to the regulations. Of course, you can create a separate subpage, but the provision in the regulations is enough. Verification of opinions does not have to be difficult thanks to Rating Captain Using the Rating Captain application.

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