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The scale will automatically align. Users often place a vertical image that expands the rest of the blocks on the page. So the maximum size will be x pixels. For a vertical photo, the smallest size is limit by the width of the image. It is not possible to set a horizontal photo. The maximum height is px, but you can change it to the minimum size. Depending on the area that you mark when setting the avatar, the possible area for choosing a preview is determin. But the thumbnail has a limit orientation, it can only be square with the width set for the main profile picture.

Typical Features Such As The Demo

For a group The avatar for the VK community is very similar to the avatar. By looking at its design, users will be able to easily recognize your audience. The size of the group thumbnail must be at least x pixels and at most x pixels. For a photo to display properly on any device, the most important part of it should be the smallest size. When you ne to Shandong Mobile Phone Number List customize the header group cover to make it attractive, the settings should be For live covers with video format, Full HD quality, MP format h aac codec, weight no more than megabytes. Community banner menu photo size pixels in width and height as you wish.

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Hashtags And Geolocation

Latest News column menu px wide unlimit height. For posts to look good, the following parameters must be observ x px in height and width. For a photo album, the following parameters are requir × pixels, and items pixels. Products minimum x pixels B to B Database maximum x pixels. Avatar psd templates PSD templates are the starting material for the following web design. This model reflects the main themes of the community being creat. When using PSD templates, you ne to have basic skills cut objects and paste them into the template. This is if you want to insert some photo or image into the template. 

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