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What is the purpose of getting contacts from Facebook. How it’s working. How to create a Facebook advertising campaign bas on gaining leads. What is the cost of acquiring contacts. Facebook allows you to collect data from potential customers through its internal system. The Facebook Lead Ads campaign is a form of advertising focus on gaining contacts from the target group. Internet users, while browsing the portal, are present with a campaign with a form in which they can fill in the fields telephone number. Try it for free How to get contacts using Facebook Lead Ads.

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Facebook Lead Ads is a Facebook ad with the goal of generating leads. Creating such a campaign requires a bit more advanc work in Ads Manager than a standard Facebook ad. Lead Ads is focus on getting contact details, and thus generating Canada Mobile Number List more sales. On Facebook, you can get information about your potential customers using the contact form. In the Lead Ads form, we can ask for various contact details, the standard ones, of course, include First name and last name E mail adress Phone number company name Address or place of residence Of course, you can create additional custom fields depending on what information you want to collect from the user.

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The Facebook Lead Ads campaign is a great advertising solution due to the small number of steps that the recipient has to take. It is not a time consuming survey, the user is not rirect to any website, he can freely continue scrolling through B to B Database Facebook. You won’t have to create a special landing page to encourage the user to leave information. What is the purpose of getting contacts from Facebook. Lead Ads on Facebook allow you to create a large database of potential customers who may be interest in the display offer.

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