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Certificate Learning format online viewing of lessons without communication with the teacher. Training program the course will tell you how to start a career in the field of product testing, what duties a tester performs, how much specialists earn. The intensive is suitable for anyone interest in the profession. What are you learning What does a tester do? What qualities and knowlge should a specialist have. The difference between manual and automat tests. How to make money on testing games, programs, applications. There are prospects in this area. Profession development options.

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It is worth taking paid courses. Advantages Computer knowlge is not requir. Useful information to get start. Comfortable course duration. Clear information without water. Flaws Different volume and background sound in video tutorials. About Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List the Author Alex Marshall has years of experience in IT. Software testing courses from MSTU. Bauman Website special ru Duration of training is months. The cost of training is, rubles. A large amount of practical tasks, teachers who are specialists in the field of software testing, support for teachers after graduation are the main components of a successful start in a new profession.

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Course program basic programming skills. And the basics of DBMS skills in developing and registering software requirements. Java programming, OOP software testing and team management automation of test web applications. Students with B to B Database higher or secondary specializ ucation receive a certificate or a diploma of the establish form upon completion of the course. Pros and cons of being a tester Why should you look for a job as a software tester? This job is easier than a programmer’s. At least up to a certain level High demand for the profession of software tester. You definitely won’t be out of a job! Often a free program! And the employees too! You can work remotely.

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