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In Rating Captain you will find solutions for both online and offline models. What’s more, opinions will be analyzed and you will receive a complete set of information on customer satisfaction. By using the Rating Captain, you will learn about the needs of your customers, thanks to which you will better match your offer. In accordance with the Omnibus Directive, you can display the opinions obtained on the website of the online store and thus use them to increase sales. Summary Regardless of whether you sell in an online or brick and mortar store.

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You need to be aware that your potential customers are looking for information about products using various channels for this purpose. Therefore, make sure that at every moment of contact with your brand, the customer receives the necessary dose of information that will allow him to choose your store. How to build a company’s image? Definition Latvia Mobile Number List and ideas for creating a brand image Patricia Lisowska minutes of reading How to build a company’s image? Definition and ideas for creating a brand image Contents What is a company’s image? How to build a positive company image. How to create and measure brand image.

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The image of the company develops based on our experience in contact with the brand. It is a mix of consumers’ associations with the brand, but also conscious creation of the company’s image. Just as personality distinguishes us from others, the B to B Database image of the company allows you to emphasize your unique identity. In this article, you will learn how to create and disseminate your image to shape a strong brand identity. Try it for free What is a company’s image? Getting to know and exploring the topic of creating an image, let’s start with an approximation of the basic definition of an image.

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