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An example of a personal brand post. If you are positioning yourself as an expert, you ne to add expert content that will show that you are a professional. These are case studies, professional comments and assessments, recommendations. Add personality to your profile. The biggest mistake is to show something on your blog but not yourself. Personal branding is impossible without personality. You ne Show yourself in stories Record a video where your voice is heard and gestures are visible.

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Write a post to a friend Communicate with your audience. People buy from people this is a well known fact. And as a producer, I know how much easier it is to sell on a blog with personality. After all, they have the most loyal audience, the most native sales, and everything is natural and much simpler than with a cold or “showcase” audience, just Switzerland Phone Numbers List an expert profile. Promotion of a personal brand on Instagram steps Promotion of a personal brand on Instagram This section provides tips for promoting your personal brand on Instagram. It is not necessary to use them in the sequence shown. You decide what and when to apply in practice.

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The more stages you use, the better. And do not forget about regularity the more often you create new posts and stories, the better the result. Activity Find accounts that match your direction, like and write useful and interesting comments. If the B to B Database comment contains valuable information, other users will want to know more about the person who wrote it. They will go to your profile and, most likely, also subscribe to the page. Expert content Create expert content regularly. These are not only posts, but also videos. However, the length of a normal video is minute. How to be Pin and upload IGTV.

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