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By choosing this form of lead generation, we focus on reaching people who are actually willing to learn more about our company. Facebook allows you to obtain contact information, which you can later use for sales purposes or to send a newsletter. Lead Ads can be used in any industry that wants to acquire customers on Facebook. The sector or field in which the company is run does not affect the possibility of using the Lead Ads form. It is only important to ask yourself does the target group use Facebook. If the answer is yes, we highly recommend using the Lead Ads campaign and start downloading contacts. How it’s working.

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The recipient, while browsing Facebook, encounters a contact ad, which is in the form of a contact form. He shows interest in the proposed offer and clicks on the button to leave the data, then fills in the displayed fields. The next step is to China Mobile Number List submit the Lead Ads form. The information that the potential customer wanted to fill in is saved in the Facebook ad panel. You can download contacts from the contact center at any time. How to create a Facebook advertising campaign based on gaining leads. Start by designing your contact form.

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Click on the Publishing Tools tab in your Fan Page, then select all tools and instant forms. In the next step, press the create form and new form buttons. Once you’ve gone through this path, you’ll need to set up the Lead Ads form. When creating an B to B Database ad or ad set, you will have to give it a name and decide on one of the options higher intent or more leads. Higher Intent an advertising campaign focusing on the quality of acquired leads and potentially higher sales More leads a form of advertising focusing.

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