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Characteristics, structure of texts for different social networks. Types of texts for social networks and how to write them. The main elements of the story and the purpose of the story. Types, tasks and structure of branding texts. Sources of ideas and services to test your texts. How to create a unique selling proposition USP for your services. Part SEO optimization of texts For owners of Internet projects, it is important that the texts post on the site be found in search engines by people looking for up to date information. To do this, you ne to insert your search queries phrases provid by the customer into the text in a certain way.

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The next four lessons will teach you the basics of this job. How to optimize text for SEO? What are title, meta tags, H title and how to write them correctly? How can I check the quality of the text? SEO Copywriter Checklist How to increase List of Mobile Phone Numbers the uniqueness of the text? Copywriting how to start a step by step training. Having learn what copywriting and rewriting are, how to learn how to make money, at an early stage learn to correctly and concisely express simple thoughts. Rewriting is exactly where you should start your journey to big business.

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The fee for tasks ranges from to rubles per characters. At the same time, take training in SEO copywriting, as the ability to write articles about keyword copywriting will always be an advantage for you. Articles publish on websites have their B to B Database own requirements brevity, structurness, usefulness. The first two or three months you ne to write as much as possible to get an idea about the profession. If you encounter great difficulties, leave, it will only get worse. Every author sooner or later will have to face a problem each topic has its own ceiling of income.

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