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The author is Vasily Blinov, the creator of a popular blog with over, monthly visitors. Suits copywriter Webmaster blogger What will taught. Writing texts for websites Look for clients and earn Use copywriting techniques. Writing texts for social networks. Training takes place on a special platform. The first lessons are free. Course duration blocks Cost School of Impact Content Marketing School of Impact Content Marketing Copywriting course by Dmitry Novoselov. There you will taught to write interesting texts and earn more. Who suits copywriter Webmaster blogger And to everyone who writes texts.

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What will be taught Write great SEO texts. Use email marketing Writing scripts for webinars Create catchy headlines Earn more on copywriting. Course duration weeks Cost Shop of Sergey. Troubadour Sergei Troubadour’s. Store Shop copywriter marketer Sergei Troubadour. During the course, you will Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List learn how to write expensive texts that will benefit your business. Who suits Exchange copywriter there is a basis Freelancers Webmaster What will be taught Writing advertising texts Write texts for the main page, landing pages, scripts, etc. Make commercial offers And more.

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Three versions are available with different options. Course duration months Price month Write like Nastya Reznikova SMM school Republic Write like Nastya Reznikova SMM school. Republic SMM Republic copywriting course. After that, you will write lyrics with joy, love and pleasure but this is not necessary. Who suits SMM Authors and B to B Database copywriters. Journalists and philologists What will taught. Write quickly and on any topic Look for original topics for messages Systematize work with several clients at the same time. Get a job for a few months Look for clients and communicate with them. Write texts to promote your personal brand If you pay now, it will be cheaper.

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