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If not, take a look at the Oracle help page. Installing IntelliJ IDEA. Go to the IntelliJ IDEA download page. Download the free Community ition by clicking the Download button. Once download, change the directory in the terminal to the download directory and extract the Java tar file to the opt folder with the following command sudo tar xf tar gz C opt After unpacking, change directory to IntelliJ IDEA bin folder cd opt bin To start the IDE, enter the following command idea sh Select Don’t Import Settings Don’t Import Settings and click OK.

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We then accept the Jetbrains privacy policy by clicking the Accept button. Now, to take courses in Java programming, you can customize the interface for yourself. Create a desktop shortcut for quick access to the program. Then, to launch the IDE, click Next South Korea Phone Numbers List on all of the following steps. The program will display a welcome page. Click Create New Project. In the next window, select Java from the left pane and make sure Java is select in the Project SDK row. If not, select the location where you install the JDK usr lib jvm java oracle.

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Multithreading in Java A Guide with Examples. Click Next twice and create the project. In the next step, enter a project name and click Finish. You will now see your project in the left pane. If this panel is not visible, go to Views Tool B to B Database Windows Project. Add a new Java class. Select src in the left pane with the right mouse button and go to New Java class. Set the class name. The class name must not contain spaces. Write Java code and save the project. To run the program, select Run Run. Click HelloWorld project name the program will compile the file and execute it. How to run Java on Windows.

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