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 Interactive way of giving users a sample of what to expect. 7. Double your freelancing goal: lead capture screenshot of landing page for double your  your freelancing double your freelancing’s free email course is a taster of the business’ wider offerings. Including Freelancing image courtesy of double their paid freelancing courses. The landing page is a no-nonsense intro to the course’s key themes and the outlets that have featured it. And encourages users to just get started to find out more. Takeaway: use simple and clear design the rule of kiss doesn’t just apply to copy! It’s important to keep your design simple.

 An uncluttered and clean design

Minimiz distraction so visitors are focus  UK Phone Number Data on your offerings. Rather than being distract by overly snazzy graphics. The double Freelancing image courtesy of double  your freelancing landing page is a good example of a straightforward design that doesn’t overwhelm the copy. 8. Tiktok academy goal: lead capture screenshot of landing page for tiktok academy image t (and. Of course. Keep them using the platform). Tiktok uses the landing page to cleverly segment users so they know how far along they are in their creator journey—and how to market to them best.

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 Takeaway embed your product into

The page your landing Pakistan Phone Number List page isn’t just an opportunity to advertise your course to show off everything else that you do. Tiktok does an excellent job of this. Peppering snippets of their platform throughouof contentos the landing page for contentos. A social media marketing course. Lead with one specific proposition with a system for creating a subscriber worthy newsletter and 6-12  Test and refine just because you hit the job is finished. Now it’s time to track results and look for ways to find improvements. Experiment with different elements of your landing page maybe adjust the headlines


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