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Katarzyna Chomat minutes of reading Base Linker. How to efficiently manage an online store. Online store automation sales automation tools Katarzyna Chomat minutes of reading Online store automation sales automation Switzerland Phone Numbers List tools Contents Why is automation in an online store so important? Sales automation with Sell Integro Automatic fulfillment of orders in Base Linker More contacts, more leads, more sales with DM Sales Online sales optimization with xSale Automation of processes in an online store thanks to SALE Smanago Online store marketing automation thanks to User com Summary Online commerce is booming and everything indicates that it will not change anytime soon.

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Of course with the development of e commerce, competition in many industries, even niche ones, is growing. To win the race for a client, you must monitor trends and increase productivity, by using dicat tools that facilitate many tasks. Try it for B to B Database free Why is automation in an online store so important? Automation is primarily about saving time, which can be us, for example, to implement new solutions, strategies or marketing campaigns. What’s more, thanks to the automation of processes, the store can scale its operations faster and increase sales. There are already a lot of online store automation tools on the market, some streamline

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