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Comarch Optim NXT The system allows for comprehensive management of a hospital or clinic. As it facilitates the administration of information, documentation, the process of treating patients and allows you to control finances and settlements. Modules in the Comarch Optim NXT system facilitate keeping electronic mical records, providing e Services, as well as making key decisions in the field of hospital management. The software is divid into basic and additional modules. The basic modules enable registration of patients, planning visits and supplementing data, as well as recording patient reports to the hospital.

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In addition, Comarch Optim NXT in the basic version supports settlements with the National Health Fund and gives access to e Services that facilitate communication with patients and improve facility management. Additional modules Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List depend on the type of facility clinic, hospital, laboratory, rehabilitation. The systems for clinics include, for example, a dicat module for dentists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists or occupational micine physicians. You can also choose a program for the collection point or non imaging laboratory. Modules have been prepar for hospitals to handle hospital pharmacy, rehabilitation ward, operating and delivery suite, diagnostic and specialist laboratories.

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Users can also choose from a module that is us to order diets and meals for individual patients and a module that supports mical staff during home visits to patients. Dicat solutions from Applover However, if the solutions available on the market do not meet your nes. Or your goal is to increase your competitive advantage through innovative B to B Database mical software, it is worth creating your own digital product. Then it is best to turn to a trust partner who has experience in the mical industry and has already creat dicat CRMs with exceptional specifications, such as personal data protection. One such company that has already implement many projects in the mical industry is Applover.

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