Often there is also a question from the client about whether we are able to conduct activities more effectively without increasing the Google Ads media budget . In order to be able to respond to them, it is necessary for the client to grant us access to Google Analytics and Ads accounts. This process does not take even 5 minutes, and gives us the opportunity to initially assess the actions taken so far. For the purposes of preparing the offer, we check several key elements that. When optimized, help to achieve minimum conversion costs.

If this area is neglected

The first signal that without increasing the budget in the first weeks of joint activities it will not be possible to increase the effectiveness of the campaign. . For the aesthetic medicine clinic, we achieved a 400% increase in conversion per year while database maintaining a constant budget. Here are the mentioned elements: 1. Goals configuration – in the Google Analytics account , apart from counting conversions. Which in the case of e-commerce is sales, and other businesses. E g filling out a form, micro-conversions should also be counted.

Depending on the business these


The key behaviors of users on the website. The better we get to know them. The better we can adjust advertising activities to them or assess their effectiveness over time. It’s good to know how many users add a product to the cart. Enter the contact tab or what is the length of the session. You can read more about how to configure goals at this link B to B Database Advertising formats. Depending on the type of business and the scale of activities. It is important to skilfully use the available advertising formats. For e-commerce, the most important of them is the PLA product ad format. If these activities were neglected. It is the first signal that the store could be invisible to users with its offer.