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Then you can choose a tariff for, or months worth, rubles, respectively. An interesting nuance Popsters allows you to receive statistics on a social network within the framework of the tariff. That is, if you promote on different social networks. Want to receive analytics on your accounts and competitor profiles in all social networks. You will have to pay Popsters separately for each of them. This is not very convenient, since there is no way to generate analytics for all your accounts at the same time. But on the other hand, it is possible to upload reports via a social network in XLSX, PPTX, PDF format.

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Popstars is a reliable content analysis service. But to get more detail information about competitors, you will ne to use additional platforms. And here Popsters loses to Livyun, whose cost of month per blogger is slightly higher, but the functionality Lithuania Mobile Number List is much wider and more social networks are available at the same time. Rate the article How much do people earn on Instagram AUTHOR fast v prodigi READING min VIEWS PUBLISH. Content How much do you earn from advertising on Instagram How much does one advertising post on Instagram cost.

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How much do Russian and foreign stars earn on Instagram. Who pays the account owner for followers How the advertiser reaches you, and how you can be of interest to him. How much do famous bloggers get on Instagram. Incomes of bloggers in Russia. The best services for monetization How many followers do you ne on Instagram to make money? Instagram B to B Database additional income or main income Why is it important to get, subscribers Step. First money and easy statistics manipulation How to increase your audience ways Mass following and mass liking Cheat Target advertising. How many Instagram followers do you ne to get a stable income.

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