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A real client from the very beginning of training. Course program The Instagram Phenomenon. What activity is most effective to promote in this social network. Technical capabilities of the account and page, maintaining a profile. Cooperation with clients. Analysis of the target audience and competitors. Registration design of an account on Instagram. Work with page content. Setting up and maintaining targeted advertising. Collaboration with bloggers knowledge of the GetBlogger platform. Create a community with participants, work with comments, conduct a dialogue with the public. Networking Personal Brand Who is it for? Students, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

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What will you know? Trade online and off the blog. Where to meet bloggers, how to create a personal brand and monetize connections. How to pack your account and create buzz. How is the training organized? blocks of video lessons and practical exercises. Additional materials and private chat of course participants are available. Also personal Poland Mobile Number List consultations with speakers and personal analysis of homework. Teachers. Network expert Mikhail Gribov, blogger Alina Kreida and insta producer Lena Helefoksi. Price From rub Business of Youth Presents Instagram Quick Start With this course, you will be able to learn marketing and gain the following benefits Learn how to create a page, create a business account.

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Three tests, upon completion of which they issue a diploma on successful completion of the course. After that, the lessons will always be available. The Instagram maintenance course is designed for those who thoroughly manage their own pages, do B to B Database business. There is an affiliate program to attract new clients of the course, according to which you will be charged interest from them in return. Course mentors will create a dedicated Instagram page that users can visit, which will increase attendance. Customers will place an order within days of starting the process.

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