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It is locate on the left, in accordance with the mode selection. You’ve selecte an image, then a small one swipe up to open attachment options. Choose a type here. We insert the text of the question and, possibly, the answer options. Click on the sticker to close the eiting window. That’s all, we publish the receive story, get user feeback and rejoice at the growth of activity. Business Questions on Instagram For many of us, Instagram is first and foremost a business. Therefore, questions for a business quiz might be When did I start my company? What will my next product be? How many people have already bought my product? When will we launch our new product.

What Is It For Who Is Your Product

The color of our novelty will be. Our favorite product is. How many products were create this month year ? What is our most popular product and others. Instagram job application The Benefits of Surveys for Profile Development Before understanding Czech Republic Mobile Number List how to create questionnaires, it is important to understand how useful they are for promotion. Such content has several positive consequences. More varie content. Constant photos and videos in the stories do not surprise anyone. But by asking a question, you can arouse additional interest among subscribers.

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Get closer to the audience. Interesting polls on Instagram will help you find out the opinion of followers on hot topics, understand who is reading you. Motivation for action. By asking the right questions, you can lead users to the desire B to B Database conclusion. And if everything is done correctly, a person will not even notice. What to ask about your profile Your activity on this social network can be a good topic for poll questions on Instagram. For example, these could be questions like How long have they been on Instagram? How long am I on Instagram every day? My favorite author on Instagram.

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